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What is compounding and compounded medication?

Although often an unknown term, compounding is as old as pharmacy itself and is simply the act of formulating medication just for you and your unique needs and preferences.

Many doctors and patients are turning to compounded medicines to create unique dosages, textures and flavors without problem-causing additives, such as sugar, dyes, alcohol, gluten or preservatives.

People with specific allergies also find a great fit with compounded medication.

Compounding pharmacies must be specially certified to create medications, rather than just dispense them. Because customized compounded medications are made to your doctor’s orders, you can be sure that what you’re receiving is uniquely made for you.

What are the benefits of having my medication compounded?

Along with the ability to choose the type of medication you receive (capsules, creams, lozenges and gels, for example), compounded medication is more natural and healthy for you since it lacks the additives that mass produced medicines often contain.

Compounded medication is also formulated in a dosage that is right for you and your needs, rather than trying to be a one-type-fits-all medication. Because you are unique, your medicine should be, too.

Will my insurance company cover my treatments?

As with other medications, most insurance companies will reimburse at a percentage of the cost for customized medication. At KJ’s Pharmacy, we take the time to bill insurance for these compounded prescriptions, making it easier and more affordable for you.


We also compound a variety of pet medications to meet your animal’s needs. Come in and talk to us about your pet’s medication and learn how we can help make giving your cat or dog medication, easier.

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