KJ's, formerly known as Medicine Shop, carries the name Kent Jensen who owned the pharmacy for 20 years. Currently on Filer, it is a nice little shop on the corner of Polk and Filer. Every morning we meet as staff and talk about what our day's challenges will be. Every day we talk about how we can improve customer service. We want the customer to walk away feeling that their needs are met. Unfortunately in any retail setting, the customer volume is an unknown and you do the best you can to guess. It's during those busy moments we strive to be prompt in our service so you can get onto the duties you have. We utilize our delivery driver to help in those times when our hours are not sufficient to meet a customer's needs


At KJ's we do compounded prescriptions and plan in increasing what we can do with it. This is the process of taking medications not currently available on the market and with a doctor's prescription we can customize them to meet an individual's needs.  Some of the areas of compounding that we treat is Veterinary, Hormones, Pain, Wound Care, Dental, Pediatric formulations, dermatology.  We're currently in the process of adding on a comprehensive hormone consulting program, we hope to announce soon. In the mean time we can still make a quality preparation of hormones in a way that works best for your needs.

We also have a great department of customized packaging.  This area of KJ's has some excellent experience in this area.